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Friends and family!

I met this family through one of my past client who referred them to me. I was blessed to have worked with such a wonderful family.

This home was recently remodeled with modern finishes and has plenty of space for family entertainment!

Congratulations on your new home 👏!

Thank you for choosing me to help you!🙏

So happy we found a home for your family.🏡

Can’t wait to visit. 😃

¡Felicidades por su nuevo hogar ! ¡Gracias por elegirme para ayudarte! Estoy feliz de haber encontrado un casa para su familia.

Yasmine Rivera-CZ Realty gracias por tu ayuda!

Gracias una vez más Lorena Salgado-Hood River Mortgage por ayudar a mis clientes obtener su préstamo

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